#1 Subscribing to the member’s only podcast feed:

Login to the member site on your device via a “Web” browser (Chrome, Safari, etc).


Once you’re logged in, at the top of the page you should see in one of several places:

RSS Feed (This is private, do not share)

or (in the menu):


which you can either long-press to copy the RSS URL for manually configuring your podcast app, or just to tap the link and most devices will “just work” by either taking you though the News app (iOS) or ask you what to “Open With” (Android) where you can select your Podcast app. [On a desktop or laptop, right-click the link and paste it into your Podcast app such as iTunes.]

Some recommended apps:

  • Podcast Addict (Android)
  • iTunes (Apple)
  • Pocket Cast (Android)

Note: For performance reasons, only the latest 50 episodes are in the RSS feed. For older episodes, please select the top-level “Audio” menu item and scroll down to access the full list in your web browser.

#2 Where are the older episodes?

All episodes are on the site, but only the most recent 50 episodes are in the RSS feed.

All feed and Podcast software recommends no more then 10 or 20 episodes be in the feed otherwise performance problems might arise, and we can verify we had major problems when trying to include all 300+ in the list. As a compromise, we found we could at least offer the most recent 50 and still have reasonable performance.

The older episodes are still available if you click the “Audio” menu link on the site (or hover on it and go directly to the “Full Episode” list). From there you can listen in-browser or click “Download” to listen to it later on your own device.

#3 Becoming a member, canceling and trouble-shooting

Here are a few links that can help if you are having trouble signing up, changing your membership level, etc: