Manage Paypal

Cancel Recurring Payment in Paypal

Paypal has changed their interface for canceling recurring payments, so this is an attempt at recording the new procedure.

1: Login to Paypal

2: Click the “Gear” icon at the top right to bring up your personal preferences
Paypal step 2, click gear for preferences

3: Click on “Payment Preferences” on the left side

4: Click “Update” for “Preapproved payments”
Paypal step 3 and 4, click Payment Preferences and Update Preapproved

5: Click on “Dogma Debate, LLC” for the older payment you wish to cancel
Paypal step 2, click the Dogma Debate item to cancel

6: Click “Cancel” and confirm the cancellation.
Paypal step 2, click cancel and confirm it


If you had to temporarily cancel your membership or had your credit card expire and want to resume your 4th Listener Subscription, first try to login on the 4th Listener main page to (re)verify your account username and password:

If necessary you can reset your password using the “Lost your Password?” link. If you are still unable to login and you can still receive e-mail at the address used to create your account then you will also see a “For help” e-mail link on the main page, but if you no longer have access to that e-mail account then just follow the “New 4th Listener” procedure.

If you can login, please make sure to click on the “click here” listed for the “Current/Existing” 4th Listener to link the new subscription to your existing account.

Upgrade and Re-Subscribe

  1. First, be sure to use the cancellation procedure at the top of the page to check for and cancel any current recurring payments in PayPal, since they do not automatically stop the existing one you set up. It is best to do it before subscribing to the new level just to make it easier to cancel the right one.
  2. Navigate to the front page:
  3. Click on the “Subscribe” button for the membership level you want
  4. Follow the Paypal instructions to set up the recurring payment
  5. When done with Paypal it will return you to a Dogma Debate page that looks like the image below, follow the correct procedure as listed in the image depending on whether you are:
    • a Current/Existing 4th Listener subscriber (you can verify that you can login to, or
    • a New 4th Listener.
    • Dogma Debate landing page after Subscribing