Member signup process

This is a step-through with screen-shots of the member registration process. If there is a problem with signing up, please let us know at which step things looked differently for you.

Step# Example Screenshot What to do
1: 1-login-main Login main page, here you need to click on one of the “Subscribe” buttons
2: 2-paypal-entry Paypal login page, here you need to enter your Paypal login info
3: 3-paypal-agree The Paypal post-login payment agreement page. [Here is where you would click to change Paypal payment method if needed.] Click the “Agree and Pay” button to continue.
4: 4-paypal-confirm Payment confirmation screen that should auto-refresh back to the Dogma Debate site (this one shows a refresh blocker, click through if you also block refreshes). If yours doesn’t auto-refresh for any reason there’s a handy “click here” link you must follow
5: 5-member-register Member registration finalization page, if you are a new member, please fill out the Name/Email/Password fields, but returning members should follow the “click here” link.
6: 6-member-login Login confirmation screen only for returning members, please enter your username and password and click to Login. New members will have filled out the form in the previous step and skip this one.
7: 7-member-confirm The final confirmation page that you are registered, it will redirect to the member’s only page.